Friday, 20 January 2012

it's over

2012 ..... a little late getting going but here we go.

50 things to do this year
1.                                              Draw more
2.                                              Start a new venture
3.                                              Start making things to sell
4.                                              Have a back up income
5.                                              Do a job I love for a living
6.                                              Do some printing
7.                                              Revamp Dining chair
8.                                              Re-cover stool
9.                                              Make stuffed toys 
10.                                           Remember birthdays
11.                                           Go to the sea
12.                                           Save at least £50 a month
13.                                           Read a classic novel or novel by classic author
14.                                           Go to a gig
15.                                           Take a train just for the sake of it
16.                                           Find a new positive mantra and use it
17.                                           Get a new hairstyle
18.                                           Buy a random gift for someone you love
19.                                           Go on a picnic
20.                                           Go for a photo walk
21.                                           Take a day trip to a new place
22.                                           Read the book of proverbs
23.                                           Take a bubble bath with candles and music
24.                                           Eat fish
25.                                           Plant or tend a garden/plant/veggie/herb patch
26.                                           Go swimming
27.                                           Praise someone I love
28.                                           Go to the hills
29.                                           Do a random act of kindness
30.                                           Lay out under the stars
31.                                           Start a new tradition
32.                                           Take a course in something i.e. upholstery
33.                                           Learn something new
34.                                           Find a poem to love
35.                                           Invite someone new over for dinner
36.                                           See at least two art or design exhibitions
37.                                           Stop comparing myself/life/house etc to others
38.                                           Host a games night
39.                                           Give a gift to make someone smile
40.                                           Try something you've never tried before
41.                                           Be the best person you can be
42.                                           Try singing
43.                                           Go on a ferry
44.                                           Wear hats
45.                                           Have a driving lesson
46.                                           Wear stockings
47.                                           Go to the dentist
48.                                           Make a nest
49.                                           Sort stuff stored in Ireland
50.                                           Find a pair of comfortable shoes for every  occassion

Orange – achieved from last years list but will do again
Blue – also on last years list – OOPS!! Must try harder!
Pink – new challenges