Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Sorry couldn't resist the pun! Quite impressive fungi, wouldn't you say! Just growing in the house on the corner in the colonies which used to be the local shop many years ago. ...

Monday, 6 August 2012

groovy colours man

I'm back .... and so is the sun! Don't know where I've been, so much has happened in between I'm not even going to start to fill in all the gaps. It's been horrendous weather here and it's nice to see there is a glimmer of hope of a summer ... please please!!

Sunday, 11 March 2012




Found these taken when my parents were visitng and thought I'd  reveal to you, the wonders that can be found at The Royal Botanical Gardens here in Edinburgh. It's just 5 minutes along the road from my flat. How very fortunate to live so close to such a lovely place.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Friday, 24 February 2012

Thursday, 16 February 2012

it feels like years since it's been here


The sun came and said "hello, i'm returning", just like the smile to my face at the thought of longer evenings and brighter mornings ........  and it went down slowly and waited around a  bit longer to walk home with me

sun sun sun here we come

Sunday, 5 February 2012

green brass


shopping green and a sneek through the window of Edina Lock and Key.... go here for your ironmongery and brassware. All the brass you need

Friday, 20 January 2012

it's over

2012 ..... a little late getting going but here we go.

50 things to do this year
1.                                              Draw more
2.                                              Start a new venture
3.                                              Start making things to sell
4.                                              Have a back up income
5.                                              Do a job I love for a living
6.                                              Do some printing
7.                                              Revamp Dining chair
8.                                              Re-cover stool
9.                                              Make stuffed toys 
10.                                           Remember birthdays
11.                                           Go to the sea
12.                                           Save at least £50 a month
13.                                           Read a classic novel or novel by classic author
14.                                           Go to a gig
15.                                           Take a train just for the sake of it
16.                                           Find a new positive mantra and use it
17.                                           Get a new hairstyle
18.                                           Buy a random gift for someone you love
19.                                           Go on a picnic
20.                                           Go for a photo walk
21.                                           Take a day trip to a new place
22.                                           Read the book of proverbs
23.                                           Take a bubble bath with candles and music
24.                                           Eat fish
25.                                           Plant or tend a garden/plant/veggie/herb patch
26.                                           Go swimming
27.                                           Praise someone I love
28.                                           Go to the hills
29.                                           Do a random act of kindness
30.                                           Lay out under the stars
31.                                           Start a new tradition
32.                                           Take a course in something i.e. upholstery
33.                                           Learn something new
34.                                           Find a poem to love
35.                                           Invite someone new over for dinner
36.                                           See at least two art or design exhibitions
37.                                           Stop comparing myself/life/house etc to others
38.                                           Host a games night
39.                                           Give a gift to make someone smile
40.                                           Try something you've never tried before
41.                                           Be the best person you can be
42.                                           Try singing
43.                                           Go on a ferry
44.                                           Wear hats
45.                                           Have a driving lesson
46.                                           Wear stockings
47.                                           Go to the dentist
48.                                           Make a nest
49.                                           Sort stuff stored in Ireland
50.                                           Find a pair of comfortable shoes for every  occassion

Orange – achieved from last years list but will do again
Blue – also on last years list – OOPS!! Must try harder!
Pink – new challenges