Monday, 3 January 2011

50 things to do this year

1.          Draw a picture a day
2.          Remember birthdays
3.          Go on an adventure
4.          Save at least £50 a month
5.          Find new music to love
6.          Read a classic novel or novel by classic author
7.          Go to a gig
8.          Take a train just for the sake of it
9.          Find a positive mantra and use it
10.         Have a Massage
11.         Get a new hairstyle
12.         Buy a random gift for someone you love
13.         Go on a picnic
14.         Go for a photo walk
15.         Make a new dish
16.         Go to the beach and eat ice cream
17.         Learn a new dessert
18.         Wear nail varnish more often
19.         Take a day trip to a new place
20.         Read the book of proverbs
21.         Take a bubble bath with candles and music
22.         Try a new food
23.         Get a spray tan
24.         List the reasons why I love my man
25.         Plant or tend a garden/plant/veggie/herb patch
26.         Go swimming
27.         Praise someone I love
28.         Go to the park
29.         Do a random act of kindness
30.         Lay out under the stars
31.         Start a new tradition
32.         Take a course in something
33.         Climb a mountain
34.         Learn something new
35.         Find a poem to love
36.         Organise wardrobe
37.         Start a new venture
38.         Invite someone new over for dinner
39.         See at least two art or design exhibition
40.         Stop comparing myself/life/house etc to others
41.         Host a games night
42.         Give a gift for no reason other than wanting to make someone smile
43.         Try something you've never tried before
44.         Be the best person you can be
45.         Try singing
46.         Go on a ferry
47.         wear hats
48.         Have a driving lesson
49.         Wear stockings
50.         Go to the dentist